Fronting his own original projects from the age of 12, Andy started his music career proper at Abbey Road Studios as a trainee engineer. After he’d learnt to make the tea Andy left to pursue the heady delights of playing At The Hogs Grunt and Le Beat Route with his original band which was ultimately to evolve Into The AM Band.

After 3 Albums and an EP the band finally dissolved into it’s constituent parts and Andy Began to look around for new musicians to play in his newly named group The Below Average White Band.

For a number of years he concentrated on live performances but in 1999 he began recording again under the name Andy & the Other One. Writing performing and producing, 3 albums and several other projects and is currently promoting his current project The Big Funk Factory’s album Factory Sample which features the main line up of The BigFunk for the very first time and that Second

tricky album d-Funkt!  He has also produced several other artists including BB Seddiki; French born songstress Raja and more recently Two albums under Andy & The Big Funk which you can check out on the media page.

When not busy with Big Funk and his own recording he’s found time in his busy schedule to  perform  on various stages with the likes of Damon Alban; Michael Ball, Jocelyn Brown; Natalie Cole; Brian Eno; Tony Hadley; Romena Johnson, Katrina Leskanich (Katrina and the Waves); Lee Johns; Lemal; The London Gospel Community Choir; Barry Manilow; Jim MaCarthy (The Yardbirds); Paul Young and members of Blue & West Life, and as a regular face with the Mark Butcher all star band he has performed several times at the Albert Hall with Paul Carrick (Ace); Charles and Eddy Steve Harley; Roy Harper; Bill Wyman, and Elton John’s charismatic and long suffering percussionist Ray Cooper. Among his  supports are the likes of scar legend Desmond Dekker; Soul legend Edwin Starr and … Steps.  Also working with The All Stars where he recently had the honour of performing with them on the “Audience with Quincy Jones” One night only event that featured the legendary producer and songwriter and also featured the brilliant Rod Temperton, Jocelyn Brown, Beverly Knight, Sarah Jane Morris, Hamish Stuarte and Kenny Thoma

Film Television, Radio and recording credits include The Evita film soundtrack, Grow Your Own Soundtrack; “Bally Kiss Angel”; “The Bill”; “Park Life”, “Andrew Lloyd Webbers 50th Birthday Concert” televised live at The Albert Hall Star Search (Featuring such notable talk show sidekicks as Ed MacMann.) Angie Brown; Carla Bruni (Radio 4); London Live (Mary Costello Live Sessions) Alexander Burke; Mushtaq; Billy Myers Samuel Purdey; Tom Robinson and Sara Stockbridge. Andy has also dallianced with Theatre acting, singing and playing harmonica in Only the Lonely a cheery tale of death and destruction and embracing the joy of the maudlin hits of Roy Orbison. He has also written and produced several plays including Eternal Soufle; The Roots of Soul; D-roid Portrait of a Serial Singer and audio productions of A Global Carol; A Man called Sir Arthur; A Matter of Insignificance and The Greatest Movie Never Made broadcast as part of Radio 4’s Document Series.  In addition to actual Tv appearances some of Andy’s original tracks have recently made several subliminal appearances on sexy or is that sex filled channel Four stalwart of the Six Thirty schedule Hollyoaks.   In the meantime Andy has written and filmed his own dramatic attempts “You Won’t Ever Leave Me”; “Nothing Ventured Nothing Seen”; “With Love Marie” and “Transaction Declined



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