When the rasp of Andy isn’t quite right for some of those slightly more sultry tracks he employs the considerable talents of some of the finest female vocalists in London to help out on Bv’s and leads. The regulars are the fantastic Trinny born Vanessa Haynes. ( Anastacia; Blur; Incognito; Chaka Khan; Lu Lu; Van Morrison ; Billy Ocean,  and Dave Stewart.)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

The marvellous Janet Remus (David Bowie; The Eurythmics; Tom Jones Billy Ocean; The Shapeshifters; Sizzor Sisters; Luther Vandross; Will Young)and the incomparable Imaani Saleem who in addition to fronting Incognito for many years has had a number of hit singles in her own right including “Where are You”.