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Can You Handle It - Andy & the BigFunk

The Soundtrack to the show of the same name featuring the band.













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A collection of seasonal tracks and original compositions to raise money for The Pan African Book Foundation


He Ain't Heavy - Andy & the BigFunk








Bottom Drawer

 Songs From the Bottom Drawer   The first A&O album this originally started out with the albums first single “Yesterday’s Man” and as a series of backing tracks recorded for live PA’sthat eventually evolved into The Birds & the Bees; Less is More and Less than Zero.  The  project then grew from these initial tracks into a full blown albumincluding the cover version of the Curtis Mayfield classic “Pusher Man”“Looking at his slight frame it is impossible to match it with the colourful earthy Tones that flow effortlessly through his songs” Nick Robinson Music WeekSongs from the Bottom Drawer - Andy & The Other One
  La La La I’m not Listening     The second and more rounded album has less material from Andy’s previous Bands catalogue and a definite production style begins to emerge.   “Funky, Soulful, Organic. Simply Great .” online review by Leroy Jones “Good “influences” for a good sound! Just an incredible voice.”  online review by Underground LoopholeLa La La... I'm Not Listening - Andy & The Other One


I’m a Nonentity get me out of here    Yes a concept album.   based on his enduring “Love” of our current society’s puerile obsession with Z list celebrity.  His character is a Fame obsessed media Whore chasing after his ambition to be the kind of famous person whose Greatest ability is breathing effectively.

“Quirky, Funky and a bit dark” online review by Greenfinch

“Really creative! There’s a restraint to the music here that really shows off the infectious nature of these tunes.” online review by Pagie 99 

I'm a Nonentity Get Me Out of Here! - Andy & The Other One

Less is More and Some More    Featuring the original and previously unreleased mixes of the 1989 album Less is More, The 1987 Good Earth EP and singles Young Republicans in Love and Ode to the New Year and some other tracks recorded in the intervening period.

“the thing about this material is how well the various influences are meshed together” – British Blues Review 1989
Less Is More...And Some More - The AM Band

Mess is Law and the Lost Tapes  The last album made by The AM Band before the group split in 1992.  This reissue also includes  tracks previously thought to have disappeared into the void. Recently unearthed they were recorded after the last album was made. This re-issue also includes tracks from the BBC Marleybone Studios  recorded on the Mary Costello Show for BBC Greater London Radio (London Live) and some tracks taken from Andy’s First post AM Band project Comedy Without the Humour.  “This is performance orientated, good time music” Making Music 1991Mess Is Law...And the Lost Tapes - The AM Band

A Christmas Soul  Following a gig to mark the band’s 20th anniversary. Andy, Austen, John, Neil and Steve came together to record their first album since 1991.  Co-opting the wonderful Derrick Macintyre on bass this is an album of Two halves.  The first Eight tracks feature guest vocalists including a pre X factor Alex Bell (A.K.A. Alexander Burke) Funky house diva Angie Brown, Vanessa Haynes and manymore singing souly takes on well known Christmas tunes.  The rest of the album is made up of tracks written by Andy for his 1990 audio play “A Global Carol” Based VERY! Loosely on the Charles Dickens classic “A Christmas Carol”

Recorded in 2007 and launched in 2008 this album was recorded to raise money and awareness for the Lowe Syndrome Trust.   CD and download proceeds are donated to the charity.

“A Fresh approach to the Christmas Album genre” online review by Freddie Faffalli

“Putting the Merry back into the Christmas Album” online review by Niki Biki A Christmas Soul - The AM Band

BB Sedikki – Practical Girl
 Prior to gaining her notoriety in Big Brother BB Sedikki recorded Practical Girl a semi autobiographical concept album following her through the trials and tribulations of a complicated love affair.
On coming out the house she recorded her version of Brass in Pocket which has been included in this Remixed and re-mastered version of the album.

Produced and co-written with Andy Mitchell from Andy & the Other One it features wonderful instrumentalists including Jim Benham John Falcini (Background Vocals) (Drums), Austen Hornbrook (Guitar), Mat Johnson (Keyboards), and Wayne Nunes (Bass).
Practical Girl - BB Sedikki